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This is the most dangerous and dumbest thing I’ve seen a person do with infants.  The baby is crying the entire time she’s doing this shit.  DAMN, WHITE PEOPLE!!

I kept looking at this and thinking that she was going to dislocate the child’s arms.

this is so dangerous..why would you voluntarily put your child at risk for something so stupid??? you shouldn’t try to teach your child flexibility until they’re toddlers. look at how hard that poor baby is wailing.

what the fuck!?

But we get put in trial for leaving the kids in the car for a job interview. Right.

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Yesterday I impulse bought 3 fatkinis from Target. I didn’t try them on and was worried about the fit because they’re an XL and usually I’m a 2X, but they look pretty rad. (The tops are a bit small admittedly. Not sure what I’m going to do about that, if anything.)

Why do obese people think it’s ok to wear a fucking bikini? This is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. Put some clothes on!

P.S. lunarisacacia, it’s because it’s completely okay for a person to love themselves at any size. I noticed that you don’t have any photos of yourself on your blog, it’s all fitspo and weight loss food. Part of me feels like there’s some sort of internalized self hatred going on. The funny thing about beauty is that you get to decide what your definition of it is going to be. So if I don’t fit your definition of beauty, that’s perfectly okay, feel free to look away, but I certainly don’t have to subscribe to yours. (Your body, whatever it looks like right now, probably fits into my definition of beauty exactly as it is right now. If you focused more on loving yourself and less on trying to shame other people into feeling as awful as you do, you might have a better time.)

This babe though… (。♥‿♥。)

Gorgeousness!! <3

Perfect response.

Beautiful photos, beautiful response, beautiful woman